Saturday, September 17, 2011


    My heart is filled with joy!  I had to go to Target today and man did I wrack up!!!  The Dollar Spot is probably the best I have every seen it.  If you are a preschool or elementary school teacher, you need to run to your nearest Target as soon as possible, and score like I did!
I'm so excited about these items!!!  Our community helper theme is coming up in a few weeks, so these are absolutely perfect for my dress up station.  These items were all in the Dollar Spot.  I know a pirate is not a community helper, but since that is our classroom theme, I picked those up too! :)  They had police, fire, and construction worker hats.  They had little dress up tops for doctor the doctor and pirate.  I asked a manager if they were going to get any more of the dress up clothes, and he said quite possibly so be sure to check back.  They had the little doctor kits, construction worker, and policeman kit.  I cannot wait to put these in the center!
These scrapbook kits are beautiful!  The picture does not do it justice!  I'll be using these during our fall theme.
Halloween scrapbook paper that is amazing!
These are little plastic leaf and pumpkin table decorations that I am going to use as counters for my math work job mats.
If your one of my parents reading, close your eyes for the next couple of pictures.  I found all my goodies for Halloween!  I love, love, love these bags!  I bought a few extra to use for sorting activities.

Our Apple theme is the week after next, so I both these fabulous apple stickers!  They are soooo cute!  I found pumpkin and bat erasers, (They also had ghost, but we don't do ghost!) pencils, spider rings and stamps.  Last year my glass loved anything glow in the dark, so I picked up glow in the dark fang teeth! They also had the large glow in the dark creepy animals, but I didn't buy any of those because they were a little creepy for me LOL.   I bought the witch fingers, but I am calling them pointy fingers instead.  We will use those for reading our popcorn word books and read around the room.  I have a 5 Little Monster poem that I usually read the week of Halloween, so I was excited to see these little squishy monsters.  I will definitely be using them with the poem!  They are so cute!
We have a Fairy Tale theme in February, so I bought these items to go along with that.  They have the cutest Fairy Tale finger puppets.  The only ones that were left was the king, princess, frog, and pig.  I'm hoping there will be some more of these puppets soon!

They had  a good bit of jungle themed items.  I may go back and buy some of the big jungle animals.   I love the finger puppets and back in the corner is a monkey chia pet type thing.  We use these pointers for reading as well.

They also had a ton of ocean items!  Of course, we won't be using these for a while, but I HAD to get them! :)  These little guys are the grow in water animals.  The kids love these and they are wonderful to go in your Science center!  They also had the jumbo sea creatures that I will have to go back and get.

     There is so much more that I wanted to buy, but I had to stop!!!  I will be making another Target run because there are other things I want to get.  Like I said, RUN DON'T WALK to your nearest Target!  Great items for your classroom! Have fun shopping!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! You hit the jackpot! I LOVE the Fall scrapbook kits! I had it in my hand, kept putting it back and so on, and ended up not getting it because I didn't know what to use it for! Going back now!! lol

    Thanks for linking up!