Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

     Hope everyone is having a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving!  Enjoy the memory making with family and friends, and don't eat to much turkey!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Rules

     Before our Thanksgiving Feast, we had a wonderful Mystery Reader come and read to our class.  She read the book Thanksgiving Rules.  She also dressed up and brought props to go along with the story.  I did not get pictures of everything, but it was the cutest thing!  I love when the reader gets the class involved with the story!

Sharing the book and telling them her basket of props.

This was really cute.  In the book it talks about getting dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner.  She had some wigs to show them how to fix their hair!

She also had ties and some other clothing for them to try on.

I missed all the food items!  She said had several different things.

You can definitely tell he knew who the Mystery Reader was! :)

     Hopefully, I will have our pictures preparing for our feast tomorrow!  Until then gobble, gobble!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Field Trip!

     This is my all time favorite field trip!  I just love how they spend so much time with each group, have several different activities, and the farm is just beautiful!  This year it looks more like a winter field trip because it was abnormally cold and windy!  We still had a great time and memories that will last forever!
We learned about the foods that grown on trees.

We also learned about the different animals that live in trees.

We made a big circle to begin planting our very own tree.

We learned how to use a shovel properly.  We were all each given a turn using the shovel.

We dug a big hole and then planted our tree.

We went on a hayride.

It was really cold!
We had a great time with our friends!

We looked at all the trees and pumpkins while we were on our hayride!

We fed the fish and geese.

The geese kept eating the fishes food!

The fish were huge!

We listened to a story.

We learned about animals and antlers.

We fed the goats.

We also fed the cows.  This is Oreo.  She even talked to us a little! :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fun Fall (Halloween) Centers

     On Halloween day we had some really fun, cool centers!  I gave up trying to teach on Halloween because it is just absolutely useless! LOL!!!  There was still learning involved, but in a fun, playful way.  I had some great moms come in and help and boy, did it help them run smoothly!
Cooking Center- We made Pumpkin Pizzas and Spider Cookies
They chose which items they wanted on their pizza to make a face.

We did not eat the pizzas during the center because they had to be cooked.  We had our spider cookies and pizzas for lunch.  I completely forgot to take a picture of the spider cookies!

Candy Corn Math-  In this center they made the front of their Candy Corn book.  
They measured how long their pencil was with candy corn, weighed them, and guessed how many were in a jar.  

Art Center- We made spider hats
The completed hat- so cute!

Science Center- We made slime!  This was definitely the winner!  I found the recipe for the slime  here.  It is super easy and not really messy at all.  We did have to add a little more Borax (about a teaspoon more) to the recipe.  They were even able to take the slime home with them!

Today was a really fun day!  They look great in their spider hats!
To cap the day off, we had a Mystery Reader come and read Miss Spider's Tea Party!