Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nutrition, Pizza and Manners

     I am so far behind!  Here are a few pictures from November. I still have Thanksgiving pictures to go through.  I don't know it is so hard for me to remember to snap pictures with my phone, maybe because I forget it has a camera on it! :0 I'm really hoping for a new camera for Christmas, so I will have better quality pictures!  

During our Nutrition them we sorted healthy and unhealthy pictures of food from magazines.

We also looked through newspapers and sale ads from different grocery stores.

We played Food Bingo.  That was fun!

We made pizza!  We also made a following direction pizza book that turned out really cute!  I cannot find one picture of the book, so I must not have taken any!

We read a book about manners and then practiced using our manner.  The boys pulled out the chair for the litle ladies and then pushed the chair back in for them.

We made place settings and then practiced putting the objects in the correct place.

We practiced passing objects and saying please and thank you.

They really enjoyed the manners activities and did a great job!