Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

     Happy Halloween from
The girl from Brave (sorry I can't remember her name!)


Darth Vadar

Red Ninja

A Ninja Turtle

A Power Ranger

Star Wars Character (I must be getting old because I can't remember his name either! )

Spider Man


A Fairy

Captain America and


    There were a few that came to the festival later, and I did not get pictures of!  So sorry!  I also had a couple that the file was corrupt when I tried to load it...again, so sorry!  I have so many fun things to post and will put up a little every day over the next couple of days!  Try not to eat to much candy tonight!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Some Pumpkin Fun

     Our schedule has been way off the past two weeks because of early release days, conferences, pictures, and Fall Festival!  Whew!  That makes me tired just thinking about all of it!  I don't have many pictures because there are so many things that we have started but not completed, and I have been out of the room quite a bit with conferences.  I thought I would put up a few pumpkin activities and save our Fall Festival pictures for Halloween.  Hopefully, Monday I will be able to put up our parts of a pumpkin, pumpkin investigation and our Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater projects.  You have a lot to look forward to! :)

This pictures just makes me laugh! :)  I think she really enjoyed finger painting her pumpkin!  They mixed red and yellow to make orange, painted the pumpkin, and then colored the leaves and stem.

They also put together a sentence. A pumpkin is orange and round.

Pumpkin Glyph

Because of short week last week we had not finished up one of our scarecrow activities.  We are learning about syllables and how many claps are in a word.

Pumpkin Literacy Center-  They pulled letters out of the pumpkin and then matched them to the large pumpkin.  Once they found the matching letter, they marked it on their sheet.  You can get it here.

We read about the life cycle of a pumpkin and then cut out the pieces to make their own.  They painted paper plates orange for the pumpkin and drew on a face to make it a jack-o-lantern.  It did not show up very well in this picture!

    More pumpkin and Halloween fun to be up soon!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


     I just love learning about scarecrows!  We had a really short week, so we did not get to finish all the activities that I had planned.  Monday, we will finish up the things that we started and also begin our study about pumpkins.  Fall is so much fun!

During our Morning Meeting time, we did this cute little rhyme about scarecrows.
Five silly scarecrows down on Grandpa's farm.
Guarding all the vegetable to keep them safe from harm.
Along comes a big, black crow-a very hungry one!
One silly scarecrow chased him all the way home!
I bought the scarecrows at the dollar store, and we took turn holding the scarecrows as we acted out the rhyme.  I chased them with a big black crow that I bought at Michael's.  Sorry, the crow did not make it into the picture!
We had a cooking center this week.  We made Scarecrow cookies from this site that I found here.  

The cookies were so yummy, and the class declared it was the most fun ever! :)
This was a center activity this week that the class absolutely loved!  I think I'm going to keep it in for another week!  I filled a tub with corn and black beans.  They used clothespins to pick out the black beans.  They had a plate they put the beans on, and then they counted to see how many crows they scared away!
Working on our Scarecrow Glyph!

The finished product.  The glyph- Girls had a flower on their hat and the boys did not.  Depending on how old they were, was how many patches were put on.  Their nose depended on what type of vegetable they liked best.

     We also learned about living and nonliving things.  I completely forgot to take pictures of the activity!  Hopefully, I will remember on Monday!  Have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful Fall weather!

Monday, October 15, 2012

This and That

     I have been attempting to put these pictures up all weekend, but I just haven't had a chance!  We finished up our Apple Theme and celebrated Columbus Day.  We have a short week this week.  I really wish we didn't because I love learning about Scarecrows and Pumpkins!  Fall is my favorite time of year!

Working on our stained glass apples.  I love these!  
I love how they look in the window.  We are a little late getting these up, so we may not put our pumpkins up this year.

Popcorn word trees-  They glued a tree with leaves down on construction paper.  Then they had to copy the ten popcorn words that we've learned on to their leaves.

Listening Center- They listened to When the Leaf Blew In and Clifford's Apple Picking Day

Science Center- Sink or Float Columbus Ships

We made Ice Cream Floats!  First, we predicted whether or not the ice cream would float or sink.  Then we put the ice cream in the cup.

We poured the Coke in and waited to see what the ice cream would do.

It floated!


Best day ever! :)

Our number this week is four, so we read Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons.

We made our own Pete the Cat!

You can find this activity here.  We love Pete the Cat and can't wait to do more activities and hear more of his books!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple Fun

     Here are some of our apple activities that we've been doing the past week.

Labeling apple parts.  I did not realize that the core word was missing until after the product was finished...oops! :)
I just love Michelle over at Musings of Me.  I had to buy her new apple packet because it has the standards that I want to teach with the cuteness factor! You can check out her packet HERE.  We read a book about Johnny Appleseed and then completed this page.

I decided I wanted to change the seasons book that I have done for years.  Partly, because we just didn't have time to do all the painting and work that the book entails.  If you would like to see the book from last year, you can check it out here.  This book was in the apple packet that I bought from Michelle. 

Working on our Apple Season books.

Life Cycle of an Apple- Same as last year, but when I was cleaning out my supply room I found these cute little flowers to use.

     I have a few more apple things to post and some fall and leaves activities.  I really need to have longer days! :)