Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Fun Part Two

     We are finishing up Our Family and Scholastic Home theme tomorrow.  Some of the activities that I'm posting were actually completed last week, but I just didn't get them up!  Some were started last week, but were finished today.  I have really enjoyed teaching this theme!  There is so much more that I wanted to do, but we are out of time!
Our letter was last week was the letter H.  We circled the letter  H in our poem, practiced writing the letter H, read a H book, listed H words, and made our hen page for our Alphabet Scrapbook.

Our Buccaneer of the Week last week.  She brought in Olivia to read as her favorite book.  I just happened to have an Olivia for her to hold while I read the story to the class. :)

She stays with another teacher after school, but likes to come visit and play in the classroom after school.  Pretty as a princess!

We read What Grandmas Can't Do and then listed all the things that Grandma can do.

This was another activity from the Family Fun Pack.  They painted white bags in an AB pattern.
We had to wait for the bags to dry, so that is why we finished up today.  They chose 5 items that they wanted to take to Grandma's.  They cut them out and put them in the bag.  We listed them as a class, and then we filled out their individual list.
This is actually a Mother's Day book, but I like to read it when we are discussing brothers and sisters.  The story is about a boy who has a little sister that he is jealous of.  He ends up taking care of her: reading her a story, taking her to the store, and giving her a bath and realizes she's not so bad after all.  His mother explains to him that he use to be little just like her and did the same things she is doing now.  It really is a cute, sweet story!
After reading the story, we did a Venn diagram of how many brothers and sisters we had.  I took this picture at the end of the day, that is why there are chairs in the picture.  We also did a brother/sister bar graph.  We learned there are several different ways we can graph.  I usually do this graph with the class, but I wanted to give credit to Kim Adsit because I did use her lettering.

I plan on showing all of our great home activities tomorrow!

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