Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow, Snowmen, and Mittens

     I'm beginning to think winter is not a good time for me to blog!  Last January I think I had one post and this year I'm going to have two! :0  I do have a fairly good excuse this time.  My camera was locked up for some reason.  I couldn't take picture or upload them on to the computer.  One of my friends helped me out at school today and now I'm back in business!  Unfortunately, I don't have any of our fabulous pictures from our Penguin theme!  Here are a few of our activities that we did the first couple of weeks after the winter break.
Snowman Glyph from the fabulous Deanna Jump.

Snowflake art-  You are actually suppose to paint these on canvas, but we painted on poster board.  Before painting, there was masking paint put down in the shape of a snowflake.

Painting our snowflakes

The finished product!  I love these and hated to send them home!

Love our little sock snowmen!  They always have their own little personality!

We laced mittens to go along with the story The Mitten by Jan Brett.  Inside the mitten were pictures from the story that they used for retelling.

Last name snowmen

The back of our mitten lacing

     I promise to do better!  Now that my camera is working again I can get some good pictures with the kids actually do these things!  Tomorrow is our Teddy Bear Parade and Picnic, so I will have more up this weekend!