Friday, September 16, 2011

All About Me Centers

     I do centers in two different ways.  In the mornings when they come in they have an activity to do.  It is usually related to our shape or color, but if there is something that needs to be finished up from the day before than we do it then.  The activity usually only takes about ten minutes.  When they are finished I have different activities on the carpet for them to do.   It is free choice but no more than four can be at that center at the time.  I try to keep these fun and theme related, so most of these are changed weekly.  I may keep one in for two weeks but add something to it.  These are our morning centers for the week.
Birthday Cake Center.  This was a huge hit!  On each birthday cake there is a number.  They place candles in the cake to match the number.

Block Center.  There are wooden people and little dollhouse people that they can use with the blocks.  

Puzzle Center.   I did not get a picture of the complete puzzle, but it is a picture of a house.  I will get this out next week since we are learning about our families.

This was another activity that they loved.  These are little shoes that they lace and tie.  I think I got these from a Scholastic book order.

Now on to more structured centers.  These also change out weekly.  Most of the time these are not free choice and they have a partner that they are to work with in their center.  They know they have to stay in their center until time is up, but they will get a chance to do all the centers.

Fingerprint investigation.  They looked at different fingerprints with magnifying glasses.  They also put their thumbprint on a sheet and looked at it through the magnifying glass.  They love being scientist!

Sorting Center- These are little socks that they had to sort according to the color of the laundry basket.
Play Doh Center-  I did not get a very good picture of the play doh center.  They made snakes out of the play doh to match the number card.  They also rolled it into balls to correspond to the number they had.

Housekeeping-  In the housekeeping center I added a birthday cake and telephones.  I usually have their phone numbers on a ring where they can pretend to call each other.  We have been out of laminate, so I haven't been able to do that yet.  Hopefully, next week!

Art Center-  They had two things that they could do.  First, they used Bingo dot markers to write their name.  Second, they used various materials to make an all about me.

  We also did our sink and float, but I'll put that in a post for tomorrow!

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