Thursday, September 15, 2011

All About Me Part 2

    Here are some more activities that we did this week!
We read Chrysanthemum and graphed our names to see how  many letters we had in our name and who had the longest name.  I had a few of my little ones that were sad because they were making fun of Chrysanthemum in the story.  They said Jesus wants us to be kind to our friends.  How precious is that!  We actually had someone in the class that has nine letters in her name just like Chrysanthemum!

I held up each letter and the class called out the letter in each name.  We then placed it on the graph and counted the letter is the name.  We noticed we have a lot of J names and a lot of A names!  It took the whole week to complete the graph. I did a few every day during circle time and we did a few on our individual graph each day.

We read A my name is Alice and named something that begins with the first letter in our name.
I've actually done this for years, but a little bit differently.  I saw Deanna Jump's and liked hers a little better, so we did hers instead!  I also use to put these in a class book, but I'm sending these home this go around!
Here is a girl's picture.  I probably should have put the blond friends on a different color construction paper.  It does look better in person!
In our Art Center we used Bingo Dot markers to spell our names.
We read Arthur's Eyes and learned about the different color  eyes we can have.  We also learned it is ok if we are different than everyone else because God made us all special.
We made our eyes and then graphed to see what color eyes we had the most of in our class.  Blue eyes won!
Our popcorn words for the week are I, see.  I use the printable booklets from Hubbards' Cupboard.  I printed off the large teacher  book for each popcorn word book, the pictures for sentence strips, and the student booklets.  I read the big book on Monday and have tell me what word or words do we hear popping up over and over again.  On Tuesday we read the sentence strips and mark the popcorn words with highlighter tape.  On Wednesday we color in our books the popcorn words and the pictures.  On Thursday we do the cut apart for the popcorn word.  We did not get to our cut apart this week, so we will do it next week for morning work.
I'm off to my son's JV football game, so I will post more this weekend!  Enjoy

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