Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy First Week of School!

     Here are some of the fun activities that we did the first week of school!
We drew a picture of our self and then wrote on our name on the first day of school.

We read If You Take a Mouse to School.  After we read the book, we took a tour of our school and met all the important people in our school and took pictures of them.  I haven't finished the book yet, but I will post it when its finished.  We then made our own mouse and said what he would see, if he came to our school.

We made the buses from Deanna Jump's website.  This was a class favorite!  We sang Wheels on the Bus first, and then did it with our names.  They wanted to do this over and over again! :)

We made a book to help us remember the rules.  This is a book from an older edition of Teacher's Helper.  I like this one because they had to choose which picture was following the rule.  They then glued it in the box and colored the picture.

This is the first time (in a very long time!) that I did not do The Kissing Hand.  I still wanted to do a handprint, so we made pirate handprints.  I found the cute little poem at Making Learning Fun.

We made pirate faces out of paper plates. I saw this idea in a couple of different places, but I Heart Crafty Things  has very detailed instructions on how to make these.

We began our Creation books.  We are painting day one God made day and night.

Here is the completed page.  They painted over masking tape and then peeled the tape off to make light.

Here is our block center.  We added a play schoolhouse and bus to play with in the center.

This was a favorite with the boys!  The pirate ship!!!!

Puzzle center.  My little friends had to go potty, so I didn't get their picture with the puzzle! LOL

We are making Friendship Fruit Salad.  Each person brought in a piece of fruit and here we are chopping it and putting it in the bowl.  I've used this idea has been around for years, so I'm not exactly sure who to give credit to.  

Waiting patiently for their turn to add their piece of fruit.

I don't know why my camera is taking such blurry pictures!  Here I am getting ready to add the rotten banana.

Ok...this is absolutely the cutest, funniest story I think has ever happened while doing this activity!  We read a story about   friendship and discussed what it is to be a good friend.  Then we talked about how we all shared our fruit, we worked together, and how when we all contribute and do our part we end up with a yummy, fruit salad.  I was getting ready to add the rotten banana, so of course, they all told me to stop and not put that yucky banana in.  We then compared the Friendship Salad with our class and the yucky banana with someone that is not being a good friend and not doing their part.  We don't want any yucky, rotten bananas in our class!  I then asked them to raise their hand if they promised to be like the good fruit and be a good friend and classmate.  One little boy did not raise his hand, so I asked him what he was going to be if he wasn't going to be a good piece of fruit.  He responded, "A rotten banana!"  I asked him, "Why would you want to be a rotten banana?"  He said, "I don't want to get eaten up!"  How cute is that!!!!!  He wasn't saying that he was going to be bad...he just didn't want to get eaten up!  Gotta love those kiddos!
We did a few more things, but they are not finished, so I will get them up soon!  

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