Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More All About Me

  Ok, ok, ok, this really is the last All About Me post!  I keep finding things that I haven't posted and they are just to cute to not post!  I was going to begin posting pictures up from My Family, but realized I left out pictures of the books that we read and forgot to take pictures of some of the things I wanted to post.  I think it's because I'm totally wiped out today!  We have been very busy in preparation for Grandparent's Day tomorrow, so you all know how it goes trying to get ready for a big event!  I'll have a lot to share tomorrow.  Everyone is so excited, and we all can't wait for the big event!
Day 4 of our Creation Book.  They were so excited about putting the sparkly stuff (glitter) on their pictures!  It was the cutest thing!  I think I might give them all little bottles of glitter for Christmas! LOL

This was the other part of our math (other than all our graphing!) that we did.  This is from the Math Mailbox book.  They had to read to me the numbers 1-5, write their numbers 1-5, and then cut out the numbers 1-5 and place them in numerical order.  They cut out the pieces and then colored.  

Today was our 10th day of school!  Zero the Hero came to visit.  He is a former staff member of our church that has been my Zero for six years.  He does a fantastic job, and the kids LOVE him.  He is the BEST!

I forgot to take a picture of the treats he brought in today!  He brought Vanilla Wafers because he loves snacks that are in the shape of a zero.  He read the book Ten Black Dots, and counted to 10 in different ways.

Our All About Me people.

I can't wait to share our Family theme items and all about Grandparent's Day tomorrow!  Now I have to get busy and do my homework!

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