Monday, September 19, 2011

All About Me Part 3

     Some of these activities are from last week and some are from today.  It always seems it takes a little bit longer to do this theme because we are still learning procedures and how to use our materials.  We are wrapping up our All About Me theme tomorrow.
We read Here are my Hands.
After reading Here are my Hands, we painted handprints on a page.  These will be a class book.  The page says Here are _______hands.  I have a small picture of them in the corner to help them learn each other's names.  The goal is to be able to read the names.  I put the pictures of them on after I took a picture of their page.  I did not want names and pictures together.
We read Left and Right and then sang Jack Hartman's Kangaroo Learns Left and Right song.  This song is always a class favorite!  After reading and singing, we did a left and right hand graph.  We also traced our hands in our writing journals.

This is another page in our Creation book.  We painted their forearm and hand for the tree and then used sponges and different color paints for the leaves.  This page is God made the land with trees and plants.
This is the first page of our number book.
We read Happy Birthday to You by Dr.Seuss, sang Jack Hartman's  Birthday song and shared our favorite type of birthday party.  I completely forgot to take a picture of the cake they made for our class birthday book.

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have our feet activities up!


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