Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All About Me Part I

  I'm dividing up our week this time because I have a crazy busy weekend and wanted to be sure to get everything in!  This has been a super, and I just LOVE how these sweet babies LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything we do!
Our first Spanish class with Señora Bennett.  We learned about all the different places in the world where Spanish is spoken
I had each child tell me whether they were a boy or a girl.  They then came up to the chart and place it in the appropriate column.  These are little wood cut outs from Michael's that I painted.  After we placed our people on the big graph, they went back to their tables and did an individual one to take home.

Our letter of the week is M.  We read a story about the letter M, read an M poem, listed M words and learned how to write the letter M.  We also made a mini M book and made a mouse page to go in our alphabet scrapbook.  I forgot to take pictures of the M book and mouse page! OOPS!!!

Circle Time Fun!  Here we are singing our Circle song!

We read Crazy Hair Day and made our own little heads with hair.  We then graphed the long and short hair in our class.  This idea was from Kim Adist Long Hair Short Hair Graph

We read Deanna Jump's poem Rainbow Hair and then made our own books to go along with it.  You can get it for free Here.  The kids loved this!  I had one little cutie come up to me the next day and ask me if I would give her real rainbow hair! :)

I have a lot more and may try to get some more up tonight!  If not, I'll get a little more each day over the next couple of days.

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