Sunday, October 16, 2011

     I'm putting up a few pictures from last week, but not all.  I've been working on other pictures all day and I'm wiped out!  I'll have more of our Community Helper activities up tomorrow!
This was actually from two weeks ago, but I finally got the words on and a picture taken on Thursday!  They watercolored a picture of Baby Moses in the basket.  We traced their hands and put around the basket to show that he was hiding in the bullrushes.  This is page one of our Moses books. 

Our popcorn word book for the week People Who Help.  I like to use this book to introduce Community Helpers.
Buccaneer of the Week

Letter of the Week- C

Pictures of a fall book that we are working on.  We began this book during our Apple them and will finish it up the first week of November.  I'll show the pictures of the final product soon!

Tomorrow we have a visit from the firefighter!  I'll put those pictures up tomorrow and then finish up last week on Tuesday!  The next few pictures are a bonus, because I'm just so proud of celebrating my grandparent's 70th wedding anniversary!

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