Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Candy Corn Math

    We did this activity yesterday.  They LOVED it!  I think part of the excitement was that we did it on the floor!  It's the little things! :)
Candy Corn Math Book- All of their answers are recorded inside their book.

Estimation-  The green jar is our estimation jar.  I put candy corn in the jar, and they estimated how many were in the jar.  We wrote them down before we counted the candy corn.
There was a lot of discussion on how much candy corn was actually in the jar!

Recording their answers in their books.

We counted the candy corn.  There were 25 pieces in the jar.  I had one that estimated 23!  He got to eat a candy corn!

We guessed how many candy corns long a pencil is.  Our pencil is 7 candy corn pieces long.

We put 10 candy corns on the balance scale.  Then we guessed how many pennies our 10 candy corns weighed.  
We tasted a candy corn to see whether we liked it or not.  We graphed our answers.  Everyone liked candy corn!
We did the graph today because we ran out of time yesterday.  They thought it was really funny that we ran out of room on the graph! :0  Tomorrow I will put up pictures from the pumpkin centers that we did today! FUN! FUN! FUN!

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