Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Community Helpers

     Most of these activities we did last week.  I just realized there were a few things that I didn't take pictures of, or I did and it just didn't take! I have more camera issues than anyone should ever have!
Our Bible story last week was Moses and the burning bush.  We painted plates to look like trees and then added tissue paper.  This is page 2 of our Moses books.  We usually do our Bible activity on Thursdays, but we have early release days this week and I may hold off and do this weeks Bible story (Crossing the Red Sea) next Monday.
I found this series of books that is awesome to use when teaching Community Helpers. Each page has a different vehicle with clues for them to guess who drives it.  Love it!
After reading the book, we made a mini book to match the vehicles with the community helper.
I found these pictures at Miss Kindergarten's blog.  I added the sentences.

They did a great job with matching!
I had some that worked together!  That is totally fine with me! :)
Here is another book in the series.  I did not take a picture of the activity that we did to go along with the book.  It was a listening and following directions activity.  It was very similar to the book.  I gave a clue of who used the tool (constructions worker) and then they colored the tool (saw) what ever color I told them.

I love this book!  I believe there are at least 15 different types of community helpers in there!  It gives a brief description of their job and has beautiful real life illustrations.
After reading the story, I gave them 2 sheets of community helpers that had been numbered 1-12.  They had to cut out the pictures and then put them in order 1-12.  If they had time, they colored the pictures.  I think the pictures came from Mailbox.  I have these since the dinosaur age! LOL!

I used this book in our Writing Workshop.  It is short and sweet.  We wrote ways that we can be helpers.    They used their markers to draw the picture and then crayons to color.  We were to begin drawing with pencils and color pencils this week, but due to the short week, I'm putting off until Monday.  They are going to be so disappointed! LOL
One of the journal entries- I can help pick up leaves.  We are not to the writing stage...just drawing pictures.
This one is I can help take care of my baby sister.

Tomorrow I will finish putting up our Community Helper activities.  I cannot believe we are almost to the end of the month!  Where in the world did October go????   

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