Thursday, October 13, 2011

Columbus Day

     We had a great time learning about Christopher Columbus this week!  We did an activity each day this week to help us learn more about him.  Our activities tied in nicely with our Community Helper theme.  Most of the activities came from Kim Adsit's Hooray-for-Columbus-Day activity pack.
We read the book 1492.  This book is great for preschoolers and Kindergarteners because it really brings it down to their level.

We made our very own Christopher Columbus.  I liked the book that I usually do to attach, so I used that instead of Kim's.

We learned about the ships that Columbus sailed on.  Then we made our own individual Santa Maria ships.  We are just beginning to label, so this was a great introductory activity.
Their individual ships.

We made our own little boats to do a sink or float activity.  Once again, we were able to use the glitter again so this was a big hit!  They love Science, and they love sink or float!  I even had a another teacher ask what in the world we were doing because they were cheering so loud!  Haha!  I meant to take a picture of the final product, but I forgot!
This activity was in the Columbus packet from Kim.  We made Coke Floats!  This was so much fun!
Step One- Put a scoop of ice cream in a cup.
Step Two- Pour a cup of coke in.
Waiting to see what happens after we pour in the Coke!
Most people thought the ice cream would sink, but there were a few that thought it would float!
Now to find out if our prediction was correct!
We were right!  The ice cream floated, and it was really good!
We collected our information today about our Coke Float experiment, and we will do the graph on Monday.   Today was a very fun Science day!  They loved it and said it was the best day ever!  I feel kind of bad because I sugared them up really good and sent them home!  I'm going to try to get our Community Helper pictures up later this weekend.  I'm headed for my grandparents' 70th wedding anniversary party!

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