Monday, October 17, 2011

Firefighter visit

     I love when the firefighters come to visit our school!  We had a great group of men and women that came out and did a great job explaining what a firefighter does and how they keep us safe.  I can't wait to see them again next year!
Anxiously awaiting the firefighters!

Firefighter Michelle read us the cutest story about a dragon who had a fire at his house.  She discussed with them about having a meeting place, stay low and go, and not to go back inside for anything, not even our teddy bear!  I meant to take a picture of the front of the book, but my camera was not being very cooperative.  I will try to find out the title of the book and put it in a later post.
Firefighter Josh showed us what they wear to protect them from a fire.  First, they put on their boots to keep their  feet safe. It does not have laces because they have to put them on super fast.

Then they put their hood on to keep their hair and head safe.  (Sorry for the blur, my camera is on its last leg!) 

Then he puts his jacket on.
He puts his gloves on to keep his hands safe.  We had to remind him because sometimes he forgets!
Then he puts his helmet on.  When he talked, it sounded like Darth Vader!
Lastly, he puts on his oxygen tank, so he can breathe nice, fresh air.
Firefighter Zach showed us around the firetruck.  These are the tools they need to cut open up cars when there is a very bad accident.
He let us hold the fire hose and pretend we were putting out a fire!
We were all able to take a turn!
This is what controls the water.  They were very interested in this!  Now this young firefighter and I go way back!  I've known him since he was 16 years old!  It's hard to believe that he's all grown up and is a firefighter!  He was fabulous with the kids!  I'm so proud of him!
They wanted their picture in front of the tools!  I couldn't get one with everyone looking towards me.  They were too excited about what was on the truck!
We were able to walk inside the firetruck and take a look around!

We made a thank you card for the firefighters.

     As you can see, we had a great day today!  I'll put more of our activities up throughout the week with our firefighter and other community helper activities.

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