Monday, October 24, 2011

Community Helpers

     We finally finished our Community Helper graph!  I have a super cute activity that I was going to do last week, then today, with our nursery rhyme but I forgot my candle, so we will do it tomorrow! :)  Our Bible activity is in pieces, so hopefully it will be assembled tomorrow so I can get that picture up.  I thought today I would put the rest of last weeks activities up and then start our pumpkins tomorrow.  I think today was the first normal day that we've had in October!  The whoosh season is already upon us!
This is not my favorite Community Helper book that I did with the class this year.  We were so pressed for time that I had to do something that could be done in a short amount of time.  I believe this is from Teacher Helper Oct/Nov 2004.

I posted the picture up earlier of Officer Buckle and Gloria that we read in class.  We did this page the day that the police officers visited our school.
We read Flashing Fire Engines which is a part of our Scholastic Curriculum.  It was really cool because we were able to see all the parts of the fire engine when they came to visit.

After reading the book and discussing what a firefighter does, we did this page.
We read Froggy Goes to the Doctor to help us learn what a doctor does and what happens to us when we go to the doctor.

We completed this page after reading the book and then made doctor bags in centers.

I love this book!  It has various letters from fairy tale characters that is just too cute!
We completed this page after learning what a mail carrier does.  In centers we made our own letters and put stamps on them.

We read Career Day as a review to what types of Community Helpers there are and what jobs they have.

I gave them four choices of what type Community Helper they wanted to be when they grew up.  It was funny because many of them wanted to be teachers, and I didn't have that as a choice.  Mainly, because I couldn't find teacher clip art! (Haha!)  We also did a survey and completed their own individual graph.
Our number from last week.  We actually did our number for this week today, but I did not take a picture.  
Just for fun- Walking stick bug that was found on the playground!
I had some other pictures that didn't take or maybe they did, but my camera will not even turn on now!  I'm so sad because I'm not going to be able to do the class book that I really wanted to do.  Oh year!  Hopefully, I'll have better pictures now!

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  1. I borrowed your graphing idea. Thank you for the inspiration!