Thursday, October 20, 2011

Community Helpers Centers

     We were only able to have centers one day last week due to our busy week: pictures, police visit, and Columbus Day.  This week we had two early release days, so to make up for last week we had extra long centers both days!  They were so happy!
Blocks-  I added community helper vehicles, people and buildings to the block center.
Community Helper Puzzle- I forgot to take a picture of the completed puzzle!
Fine Motor- This was used during centers as a fine motor activity.  They screwed and unscrewed the nuts and bolts.  I have real nuts and bolts that I usually use but just did not have enough time!
I also used these nuts and bolts for our math lesson- more or less.  We sorted the nuts and bolts by color and also by type.  Then we counted to see what we had more of, what we had less of, and what was equal.  I made a sheet to go along with this activity, but I'm having problems with Google Docs and can't seem to load it!  I also did not get a picture of us doing the activity because I guess I was busy teaching it! :)
I had a bucket of the Toy Story soldiers that I put out, and they loved these more than anything!  We participated in writing a letter for soldiers for the holidays, so I thought this was something to tie it all together.  I took pictures of our class card and the pictures they drew, but they did not turn out. :(  They were so sweet that I almost cried!  One of the little boys in our class said we need to thank them for leaving their families and animals because I know that they miss them.
Lego Center-  I had three tubs of Legos where they could build whatever they wanted!
Cookie Capers-  This is from Mailbox Math books.  They had to count the chips and then draw either more, less or equal to on the other cookie.
After they finished doing the cookies, they colored the baker and the cookies.
Letter Stamp- I did not get a good picture of this, but it was a great activity.  Each page has a picture to represent each letter of the alphabet.  They had a sheet of alphabet stickers that they used as stamps to match the picture.  You can find it here. It definitely needed to be done in small groups, but overall I think it was a great learning activity.
Art Center- We made doctor bags.
Dress Up Center
Remember all those goodies from Target Dollar money I've spent!
Our firefighter hat was MIA, but still lots of smiles! :)
I loved the construction tools that I bought for a dollar...they are so cute!
We had another center but those pictures also did not turn out.  I brought in blueprints from my husband's office that they were able to color and draw on.  My camera has been very frustrating this past week!  I also took pictures of everyone in their dress up clothes, but these were the only ones that turned out.  I guess I'm going to have to bring in the fancy smancy camera and retake the pictures!  My plan is to do a class community helper book with their pictures, so stay tuned for that one!  I had a lot of my class absent due to the early release days, so we do have a few things (nursery rhyme, Bible activity, and community helper graph) to wrap up on Monday.  Never a dull moment!  I LOVE IT!!!

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