Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Apple Centers

     These are our centers that we did last week.  Our apple centers front the week before was measuring, weighing, estimating, and tasting the apples that we brought in.  This week was more subject material related to apples.
Apple Count Tree mats.  They place the number of apples to match the number that was on the tree.

Tinker Toys- Manipulative Center.  I can't believe I had some that didn't know what a Tinker Toy was!

Apple Count Math- Similar to the the Apple Tree Count, but they put worms on the apple to match the number.

Tree Blocks- I bought these from Discount School Supply.  These are amazing!  They look and feel like actual trees!  The kids loved building and playing with them!

Apple Color Mats- I printed these off  from Making Learning Fun.  They used plastic tongs to complete the worm with the correct color pom pom.

Apple Sort Center-  They sorted apples according to color and size.

Apple Pattern Center- I printed these off here at Kindergarten Crayons.  These was a great activity to see who knows AB patterns and ABB patterns.  She had more, but I only used those because that is all we have covered in class.

Art Center-  Tissue Paper stained glass apples.  I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.  I will post tomorrow!

Listening Center-  They listened to the story Clifford's Apple Picking Day and then drew a picture of their favorite part of the story.

Seasons Puzzle

I still need to take pictures of some of the other activities that we did last week.  I'll try to get them up either tomorrow or Tuesday.  I keep telling myself Just Keep Swimming Just Keep Swimming!  Whoosh!  We have a crazy busy week this week, so I'll do my best to catch up on blogging!

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