Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Community Helpers- Police

     Today was an exciting day!  We had four police officers visit, and they brought the K-9 unit, the motorcycle, and the SWAT van!  It was an awesome day!
Yesterday we read Officer Buckle and Gloria to prepare for our police visit today.  We made police hats and badges and we were able to use the glitter again! WooHoo!  We discussed how we can be safe and how policeman keep us safe.  We also talked about fantasy and reality (what Gloria (the dog) could really do and what was pretend.

Waiting patiently for the police officer.  Here you can see our hats and badges that we made.

The police officer telling us about his job.  He is a motorcycle officer and the motorcycle is his office.  They thought that was really funny!
The police officer with his K-9 Bogey.  Bogey even has his own badge!
Everyone loved Bogey and Bogey loved getting all the hugs!
The SWAT hummer was a huge hit!
The class in front of the SWAT hummer.
We were even able to go inside!
They really liked looking out the window!

I tried to get pictures of everyone, but it was a little like herding cats inside of that hummer! LOL!  Can I get an AMEN?!
He showed them all the different parts of the motorcycle and even turned it on, so they could hear how loud it is.
I had one that was very concerned about how could he hear if he had his helmet on, so he put it on and showed him!
Lyken's car.
The officer with Lyken.  He showed us some tricks that he could do.  He even gets quiet when you tell him because he is a good listener!
Watching Lyken do his tricks.
Lyken loves to be petted too!
This is so cute!  She is telling him about the German Shepherd she has at home.
We made a thank you card for the police officers and dogs to thank them for taking time to visit our school.  They were so excited to hear they are going to hang it up at the police station!

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