Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Centers

     Yesterday we had our pumpkin centers.  Everyone brought in a small pumpkin to take to each center. We weighed our pumpkins, used cubes to measure height, used yarn to see how big around the pumpkin was, tested to see if our pumpkin would sink or float, and did a pumpkin glyph.  We had some moms come in and help.  We usually cut open our pumpkins and count the seeds, but we ran out of time!  I am going to do it on Tuesday with our class pumpkin instead.
Sink or Float- This class LOVES to do sink or float!

They were amazed that all the pumpkins floated!  They all thought the small ones would float, but they thought the larger pumpkins would sink.
Pumpkin Glyph Station
They were asked different questions relating to Halloween and they completed their glyph accordingly.
The completed glyph.  You can purchase it here.  We are going to analyze our data on Tuesday.  We had our fall festival today and no school on Monday!
How tall is my pumpkin?
They guessed how many cubes tall was their pumping.  Then they marked whether it was too short, too long, or just right.
Then they tested to see and measured it correctly.
First we guessed how much string it would take to go around our pumpkin.
Then we tested it to see if it was too long, too short, or too long.  Then we measured it again to see how much string it would take to go around the pumpkin.  I had several that guessed just right!
We also drew pictures of what are pumpkin looked like.

We guessed how much our pumpkin would weigh and then we weighed them on the scale.  We drew pictures of something that would weigh more than our pumpkin and something that would weigh less than our pumpkin.
I like to read this story before we do the centers, but I ended up reading it after the centers this year.  I love this story!  

We had so much fun this week!  

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