Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple Seasons

     This is one of my favorite activities that we do every year.  I've done this activity several different ways, but I always end up doing the book because I just love it!  I've also done this with paper, their arms and hands, but this year we just let them paint the trees and add details.  It does take a few days to do this, but the final product is so worth it!  I even bind these on the binding machine for a special keepsake for the parents.  The words that I use are from Kaye Espionsa TLC Lessons.  She has very detailed instructions and a book for almost every theme out there!  We are currently using her alphabet and numbers book to go along with our letter and number of the week.

We read The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree and then made our very own seasons book.
Yikes!  This picture turned out terrible!  This is the first page of the book- Winter.  They painted the tree, glued on the snow at the bottom, and then did a Q-tip painting for the snowflakes.

The second page is spring.
The painted the tree, glued grass at the bottom, and then scrunched tissue paper to make the apple blossoms.
The third page is summer.

They tore paper for the leaves and then glued them on the tree along with the grass.

The fourth page is fall.

They tore different pieces of construction paper for fall leaves and then glued them on and off the tree to show how leaves fall.  They also glued grass at the bottom.

To show that seasons are a continuous cycle, they made another winter picture.

The cover page.  They painted an apple for the cover page.

 I love how every book is different and their individuality and creativity shows!  They worked very hard, and I'm so proud of our books!

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