Friday, August 5, 2011

Wild Wild West

   We had a great time at the Grand Canyon and even in HOT Arizona!  We did the scenic tour and went through Sedona and stopped at several Native American booths.  I made friends with one named Red Feather.  I bought a bow and arrow and a tomahawk that he made.  He also gave me the stories that go along with these items to tell the class when I share them.  He also gave me a talking stick, because he said every teacher has to have one of those!  I will probably bring these out at Thanksgiving and then again when we do our Wild West theme in the Spring.  I cannot wait to do that theme this year!  We usually make a book with all the things that you would see in the West: cactus, desert, jackrabbit, etc.  Well, I took pictures of all these things and now I am going to make the book with real pictures so they can see what they actually look like!  Fun!

     Alex and I went back to school supply shopping, and I found ABC, Number, and Shape Silly Bandz!  I cannot wait to use these!  Great for centers!  They can make words, add, subtract, sort and more!
Now the fun is over, and it is time to really get down to business!  Lots more to come!

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