Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today's projects

     I was very crafty today!  This little table has been in my room for years and was in desperate need of a makeover!  It has been green, so I thought a nice blue would be a great change.  This was after the first coast.  We use this table for writing, listening center, and art projects.

I wanted to make the back of one of my cubbies magnetic and into a chalkboard to use in my centers.  This was an all day project, and it still isn't complete!  Even though it is a lot of work, I am super excited about it!!!  The magnetic paint took three coats and you have to wait about 45 minutes between coats.  Yes, it is actually magnetic and  does work!  I tested it with magnets from my file cabinet and my magnetic letters and they both worked nicely.  Tomorrow I am going to paint over it with the chalkboard paint.  Then it has to set for 24 hours before being able to use chalk on it.  I will post the final product on Monday. 

These storage containers are behind my color bears.  I keep it turned around and just pull out as needed.  These are my ABC and fine motor containers.
These are my stool/storage container.  They are all over the blogs and Pinterest.  I first saw them on HGTV and knew I had to have some in my room!  They are super simple to make and fairly inexpensive.  If you would like directions on how to make them, just let me know!  Right now I have all my popcorn (sight) word booklets and ABC booklets that I made in them.  I'm also going to use these to store our class books that we make.

These are my math and sight word storage units.  My friend Raelyn made my skirts for me! :)  She also made curtains that I hope to have up the first of next week.

These are my developmental storage units.

That's all for tonight!  I'll have more up soon!

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