Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher

     I'm very new to the blogging world, and I'm still learning the ropes!  Bear with me...hopefully, I'll catch on soon!  My name is Ginger and I absolutely love teaching!  I'm constantly planning, creating, and improving!  I've wanted to be a teacher since I was in Kindergarten! Right now I'm very busy preparing for the upcoming school year: lesson plans, decorating, and updating files.  
      I've taught in the public school system (7 years) and now teaching a 5K class at a church preschool (7 years).   I've been married to my wonderful husband for 18 years and have two fabulous children.

We also have a furry child, Izzy, but I don't have a very good picture of her to put on here!
     Some of my favorite things are Peanut M&M's, Diet Coke (I've been trying very hard to cut back and have compared to what I use to drink!), any type of pen, especially felt tip, and books!  My personal children's library is almost embarrassing!  I logged over 2,000 books and still want more!  I'm also becoming very addicted to blogging!  I love all the fabulous ideas and it has really become a source of inspiration for me. 
      Sorry this post is a mess, but like I said I'm new and still learning!

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