Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where it all Goes Down Wednesday

  Today is sharing pictures of your classroom.  We are close, but not completely there yet...still have some finishing touches to do!  I'll have those pictures up hopefully tomorrow.
I haven't brought my traffic light to school yet, but these are what they use for behavior.  Of course, everyone stays on green! :)

Thanks to Deanna Jump, I made the ship that she used for her work stations.  I am using at for our helpers.  Up at the top, the saying is All Hands on Deck.  On the ship I made captain's wheel that has the job name on it.  I found these adorable wood cut outs (pirate hats, ships, parrots,and treasure chest) that we wrote their name on that we place in the captain wheel pocket when it is their turn for that job.

Pirate Ship Numbers

I think this is my favorite thing in the classroom!  It is our class Bible verse, "Where your  treasure is there your heart will be also."  I figure having pirates are ok because they are friendly pirates who love Jesus! :)

I made the pirates that Deanna Jump used for her pirate glyph.  This is our Buccaneer of the Week.  The poster that they make will go in between the girl ad boy pirate.

This is our Pirate Cove reading center.  I still need to do a few things, but we were in  a hurry to clean up!

Here is my magnetic chalkboard that I made last week to use as a center.  I  haven't quite finished it.  I still need to rub chalk across it, clean it, and put a border around it.

Cute little pirate lamp for reading center!

Kitchen area and developmental center materials

Puzzles, blocks, lincoln logs, lacing beads

Calendar Wall

Other side of the calendar wall

Pirate color bears

Popcorn Word Wall

Rules Posters...I'm bringing the traffic light tomorrow

Crates for reading center
My brand new curtains!

It's finally coming together!  We are going to do the tomorrow and finish labeling names on everything.  I just need to clean the cabinet, bring a few moe things from home, bring out the cart and we are finished!  There are a few other pictures of the classroom that are on a previous post.  Now on to lesson plans!


  1. Your room is adorable! Love the yellow walls--so bright and cheery!

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

  2. I'm doing a pirate theme too! I love it! You defeinitely went way more in than me! haha

  3. WHERE did you find that adorable pirate lamp!? OMG is that too cute! LOVE, love, love it!

    Kim from :

  4. Thank you all for the sweet comments! I found the pirate lamp at a consignment shop! I did the happy dance in the store! LOL

  5. The scripture verse is FANTASTIC!! SO, SO CUTE!!

  6. Aaaah! I see my popcorn word wall!!! Looks great!!! ;)
    Little Warriors

  7. Katie, that is your popcorn word wall, and I am sooooo appreciative! You should have seen what I use to have! :) Love your products! I'm hoping to have some up soon!