Friday, July 29, 2011

Target Dollar Spot

     One more post before I go!  These are the items that I found at the Target Dollar Spot and how I plan to implement them this year.  Some of these items I got a couple of weeks ago and others today on a last minute run before we head to the airport.  A lot of the items are similar year after year, but these are fairly new, or I didn't find them last year!
I know the picture is small and a little blurry, but hopefully, after I tell you the item you can figure out what it is.  I bought 3 new bins, and yes, these were a $1!  I use these for everything...books, storage, etc.!  In the very back there is a mat with a spinner.  It is also laminated and has a dry erase pen with it.  This one is for time.  There was one for money, but I thought it would be too difficult for my kids.  I was hoping to find some more of the time mats, but no luck.  Next to the mat is some magnetic clips.  I also bought the color ones.  These are great for posters and clipping notes to the file cabinet.  In front of the clips there is ABC Bingo and Math Bingo.  I will probably use these for small group instruction and then in an ABC center.  I thought the Math Bingo was for numbers, but it is actually addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  I haven't opened it yet, but hopefully I can just use the numbers.  If not, I'll find some use for them! :)  Next to that is ABC stamps.  I buy these every year or every time I see them.  I use them mainly in centers, but when I get enough I may let each child have a set.  You can use these for practicing their names, sight words, ABC order, or in their journals.  There is also some mini ink pads in different colors towards the front.  Yes, there are pirate baggies!  SCORE!  There is number puzzles that I will use for assessment and in centers.  I will hold up one piece of the puzzle and they will have to match it during assessment.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these laminated sentence strips.  I will use these for name practice, sight words, and working with words.  The kids love writing on those white boards!  I also bought flash cards for ABC's, numbers, shapes, colors, and beginning concepts.  I put these on rings and use them all the time!  (morning meeting, transitions, centers, assessment)  These are great for review at home!  The last thing are animal cards. These are great!  One pack is animal sounds and the other is animal pictures.  These will go in the Science center.  I also picked up some silly bands that were .50 for the treasure box, a pointer, (I'll share my pointers when I get back to school), and some 3D shapes.
     Now these were not in the dollar bin, but were a couple of dollars.  They were on an end cap near the stationary.  The top three are window clings, and the bottom two are posters.  I am going make games out of these for the spring.  Have to wait for that! :0  This time, I'm really leaving and you won't hear from me for a week!  Chow!

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  1. Loving your blog! I am going to hVe to use these cute craft ideas for thatchers"homeschool" pre k 3:):):):

    Are you still teaching pre k 3??

    Happy anniverary !!!!!!