Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's beginning to look like....

     Whew!  I have been so busy the past week I haven't had a chance to put anything up!  I've been getting materials ready for new teachers, revamping lesson plans, and working in the classroom.  I'm taking a computer class this Friday, so maybe I will learn how to upload my files on my blog! LOL  We are not  finished but here's a taste of what Christi and I have done so far.

Here is the calendar wall.  To the left is the hundreds chart, poster for 100 piece puzzle, coins and piggy bank, and clock.  Below is our pirate 100 day count.  We will put a gold coin on the treasure chest each day until we get 100.  In the middle above the flags are a right and left hand.  In the middle I have a weather graph and All About Today pocket chart.  Below is the days of the week and months of the year.  I also put up something I bought from Target to go along with the weather.  We will write what today's weather is and then below that predict what the weather will be tomorrow.  To the right is the actual calendar, 1's. 10's and 100's  chart, estimation jar, pattern, and our tally board.  Below the calendar is a shape poster.  The table that is in the corner stores all my calendar items, Saxon Math maniupulative and Scholastic curriculum.

At the right end of the wall I have an All About Letter pocket chart that I purchased 
 this summer from Lakeshore.  It is awesome!  There is a handwriting poster, a practice board to write the letter, a poem, and pictures that go along with the letter.  The cabinet has a little bit of everything in it and is in desperate need to be cleaned out!  Next weeks project! :)
Here are my adorable color pirate bears.  Thank you Deanna Jump!  This was on her blog as a freebie a couple of weeks ago.  I've had the color words for years, so I put those underneath the bears.

Here are our class rules.  I found these, but I can't remember where!  I'll have to look when I go back to school tomorrow.  I haven't brought my traffic light back to school yet, but that usually goes in front of our rules.


We really don't have the space for a word wall, so I have a word door.  In the past I have had a huge popcorn cut out with popcorn kernels for our popcorn words on the door, but I found this set this summer, and I like it so much better!  It is acutally for a jungle themed classroom, but I think monkeys and parrots go along nicely with pirates!

That's all for tonight!  More to come soon!

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