Sunday, November 6, 2011

Squirrel & Nuts

     I'm finally getting around to posting up last weeks pictures!  Crazy, busy time of the year!  I did not get to do as much as I would have liked with our theme this week, but there is always next year.
I came across the cutest little game on Amazon.  I think its called Squirrels & Acorns or Catch the Acorns.  The class loved it!  I'm going to put it out again next week because we didn't get to play it very long.  I love it because it covers colors, counting, sharing, and fine motor skills!

Fall Lacing Cards from Bonus Scholastic points.

Brought out the tree blocks again.  These are just fabulous!

Spider Counting Mats

We made these for our Fall Book to go along with our field trip.  We actually went on a hay ride!

This is another page for our Fall Book.  The squirrel was actually a little more challenging than I thought it would be.  They did turn out pretty cute though!

Popcorn Word book for the week

We went on a nature walk.  They had a sheet that had certain items that they needed to find while we were on our walk.  Here they were marking grass.  They loved it!

Here is a branch that needed to be marked off and put in the bag.

A leaf.  We were going to glue these on our acorns when we got back to the classroom, but we ran our of time!
They had to find a tree with leaves.

Cloud was one item that needed to be found, but as you can see, there is not a cloud in the sky!

We had a hard time finding acorns!  We finally found some!

We found berries for the animals to eat during the winter.

This is so funny!  Everyday they are stuffing their pockets with all kinds of nature items that they find out on the playground, so I gave each one of them a large grocery bag to fill until their heart was content.  They hardly put anything in the bags! LOL!  They were to busy on their hunt!  We were also looking for squirrels, but wouldn't you know it, we didn't see ONE squirrel!  Oh well, it was a lot of fun anyway!

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