Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nutrition Center and Updates on Bert and Jack

     I found pictures that I knew I had taken in our centers the other day!  I"m going to put those up today along with updates on our pumpkins Bert and Jack.
Pattern Center- We painted the sentence strips the day before.  Then they chose what shapes they wanted to cut out for their head band.  They had to glue them in either an AB, ABB, AABB, or ABC pattern.  We still need to glue the feathers on.

This is the picture I knew I had taken from our Science Center.  They had a bag of different types of food and then they put it on the correct food group.
The completed turkey puzzle

We read Eating the Alphabet and practiced our letter sounds.
We read Growing Vegetable Soup before we made our vegetable prints.
These actually look better in person!  We used corn, potatoes, and peppers in our art center to make vegetable prints.
Bert-  You have to look very closely, but over by the paper on the pumpkin there is a small green sprout growing!  I was just about to give up hope on Bert.  The class is very excited to see what is going to happen over the weekend!
Jack- Oh my goodness!  This is after one week!  I don't think I have ever had Jack fall apart this fast!  I'm wondering if he was already beginning to rot....

     I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be able to put up all the cool things we did with corn and the beginning of our Thanksgiving theme!

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