Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkins- The End

     We had a very short week this week: no school on Monday and a field trip tomorrow.  We wrapped up a few things from last week and had a super short unit on Squirrels & Nuts.  I'm feeling a little stressed because we have to kick in high gear to prepare for our Thanksgiving feast!  Someone please tell me where this year has gone!!!
Letter of the Week

We have been working on a Fall book since the end of  September.  We are almost finished!  You can find the book here.  Michelle at Musings of Me has some awesome free printables!  
We still need to add the sentence with this.  They fingerprinted red and yellow paint to make an orange pumpkin..
This is another page for our Fall book.
We made the paper bag pumpkins for our Fall Festival last week.  We put our scarecrow page in the pumpkin that will go in our book now that the festival is over. :)
We did our pumpkin glyphs last week during centers, but we still needed to analyze our data.
They love working in the floor!  I had this on a chart and then they filled out their own individual pages.
This is one of our class pumpkins Jack.  We read the book Pumpkin Jack (forgot to take a picture of the book!) and now we are going to see what happens to our Pumpkin Jack.
This is our other class pumpkin Bert.  We put soil and water inside of Bert and now we are going to observe what happens.
We are keeping a Science journal of Jack and Bert.

Tomorrow is our field trip, so I will put pictures up from that tomorrow night.  I'll put our Squirrel & Nut activities also up sometime this weekend.  We finally finished our Moses books, so I will also get those up soon!

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