Friday, November 18, 2011

Native Americans and Popcorn

     Whew!  I've gotten a little behind in my blogging, but hopefully over the Thanksgiving break I can get caught up!  Today's post is actually activities from last week.  There are a few pictures that I have not uploaded, so those will be up at a later time.
We read The Popcorn Book by Tomie de Pola and learned that Native Americans made popcorn.  We learned about the different ways they cooked corn and how they began putting them in clay pots so they would not go everywhere!
One of the parents from class bought this when we went on our field trip to Kinsey Farms, so that we could make popcorn in class.  We discussed ways that we could pop the corn and what would work best for us.  We decided that we would pop it in the microwave since we did not have a fire. :)  We also decided that we needed to put it in a bag so popcorn would not go everywhere.
We all stood around the microwave to see what would happen.  We could smell the corn cooking, we could hear it popping in the bag, and we could see the bag getting bigger!

This was so cool!  There were some popped corn actuarially still on the cob!

It did not pop a lot of corn, but it was really yummy!  I did not put salt or butter on it, and the kids still wanted more!

I also bought some of these to do a Science experiment with.  I'll post pictures what our corn looks like this week!  By the way, the corn's name is Poppy!

     We also made a Native American to go in our Thanksgiving book that I will get up some time over the break.  We were going to make Indian Corn Books, but we ran out of time!  

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