Wednesday, November 9, 2011


     Whew!  This week is going by way to fast!  We are preparing for our Thanksgiving Feast next week.  Thankfully, nutrition ties in nicely with Thanksgiving!  Here are a few things we've started on this week.
This is actually last weeks number, but because we had a short week last week, we did not get to it.
Letter of the Week
I love this book!  We read Gregory the Terrible Eater and discussed healthy foods and junk food.  Gregory is a goat that loves to eat "junk" food, but learns that we need to eat a little of everything to be healthy.  It is also good to try new types of food to eat!
We learned about the food guide pyramid.  Yes, I know that it has changed AGAIN!  We will get to that in a second!  The larger parts are foods that we should eat more, and the smaller parts are foods that we should eat less of.
Then, I introduced the new food guide.  They really got into guessing what food group the item belonged in!
I found a wealth of information at this web site choose my plate.  There were lesson plans, activities, and more!
I thought I took a better picture of this, so I will try to get one tomorrow.  This is  a snack shape book.  They had to cut out different snacks that were different shapes and then glue to the appropriate spot.  Then they had to tell me what shape each object is.  It was a great shape review activity!
Our Nutrition centers are super cool!  I'll try to get those up tomorrow! We are also doing some exciting things with corn tomorrow!  

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