Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trying to Catch Up!

     I really need for life to slow down!  I feel like a hamster on the wheel that never gets off sometimes! I brought home lots of homework for the weekend and hopefully will get a lot accomplished and posted on the blog.  We've had some really nice temperatures this week which makes me want to decorate for fall, not do homework.  Maybe I can work both in... :)  I have to tell myself like I tell the kids, "when you get your work finished, you can play."  So here we go!
     Last week was a really short week for us, so we had to finish up a few things this week.  I'm always overlapping themes, but as Pete the Cat says, "It's all good."  It's amazing how you can tie some things together! LOL!  Most of these projects were started last week and then finished up the beginning of the week. 
      I really do spend a lot of time going over our supplies.  I really want them to know how to properly use them and to take care of them, so they will last at least until Christmas! :)  I read a book to go along with each tool, we do an activity to go along with it, and then color a page that we made into a book and put in our backpacks.  The little books were from an old Mailbox, and the pattern for the backpack is somewhere in the abyss.  I drew out a simple little pattern for them to cut out and piece together, and then we put the little book in the pocket.  The handle is ribbon.

We began our Cat in the Hat at Open House.  They made the hats on that day.  We painted the faces one day and then the next day finished them.  I love how they all have their own personality!  I saw this on Pinterest and then pieced it together from different patterns that I had in my files.
We had to squish to get them all in! :)

This group is working on a page in their Creation books.  There is a post from last year that has the completed Creation Books.

This was a center that we did this week.  I found this box of manipulatives when I was cleaning out my basement.  I think it was from an old curriculum many, many years ago.  They sorted the objects by color and then by attribute.  I have a plan for these little manipulatives that I hope to get on here this weekend!

Play Dough Center-  Number Stamp

The Letters on the Bus-  I used the little buses with letters on them to introduce the letters of the alphabet.  This is not all of them, but this was the only picture I took.  This is the tune to the Wheels on the Bus
The A on the bus goes "a", "a", "a",
"a.","a","a",   "a","a","a"
The A on the bus goes "a", "a", "a"
All through the town.

This idea came from Deanna Jump.  They cut out the bus and wheels, glued the first letter of the name on the bus and filled in the blanks.

     I'm hoping to get more up this weekend, so stay tuned!

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