Friday, September 14, 2012

If you take a teacher to Target...

 If you take a teacher to Target for one item, you know she has to take a quick peak at the Dollar Spot.  When she goes to the Dollar Spot, you know she will find

these fabulous little rugs!  Even though they were $2.50 she knew she could find a good use for them.  Thinking about what she could do with the rugs

she found these felt apple and leaves that could be used for counting, crafting, or sorting.  When she started thinking about counting she found these

cute little pumpkin cups.  Write the number on the cup and then use

these cute little erasers!  Counting can be a lot of work so little ones need something fun to do with their hand and help improve fine motor skills, so

she found these cute little pumpkin magnet and candy corn game that would do just the trick.  Speaking of tricks the teacher found these

glow in the dark spiders that could be used in a sensory box or just for fun.  This teacher likes to have fun

and thought that spider could be a lot of fun on a big web in the classroom, and the pin the nose on the pumpkin could be even more fun!  You know who is fun, Snoopy is Fun!  What could be more fun

than Snoopy puzzles!  Something to do when morning work is through.  Now that got this teacher thinking about working again and she spotted these

spider counters.  She bought the leaves last year and found so many uses for them, she just had to have the spiders too! All this thinking that Halloween is right around the corner made her think Thanksgiving is not that far away and low and behold there was the

cutest turkey hat!  The turkey hat was also in the $2.50 pin, but thought she needed to have it anyway.  Now if she was finding all these fabulous things at the Dollar Spot, what would the Dollar Tree have?  So, she made a quick trip to the Dollar Tree and found

these plastic leaves that would be perfect for sorting!  Well, all of these wonderful finds made this teacher think she
better get busy on her lesson plans, so she can put them all to good use!

     But you know once she starts working on those lesson plans, she will probably need to go back to Target!  If she goes back to Target, she will probably have to go back to the Dollar Spot! :0


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