Saturday, September 22, 2012


      We have been learning All About Me and our names for the past couple of weeks.  I'm not going to put the same activities up from last year, but you can look under the All About Me sections to view those pictures.  There were a few activities that I forgot to take picture of, so I will try to get those up early next week!  I thought once my own children got older life would slow down, but I think it just gets faster and busier!  

We did an All About Me glyph.  The idea is originally from Kim Adsit at Kindergals.  I just love her ideas!  They did a great job with their glyph and even gathering the information!

They chose a skirt for a girl or pants for a boy.  They had to choose the correct color of yarn for their hair.  The buttons tell how old they are and the crayon tells what their favorite color is.  We then collected the information and graphed how old we are, what are favorite color is, and how many boys and girls we had in the classroom.

We learned about our birthdays!  They made a birthday cake with the amount of candles to show how old they are.  I put these together in a class book.  It has their name, picture and date of their birthday.

Letter Puzzles-  This was a center activity.  The letter puzzles are from Lakeshore.  First, they had to spell their name.  Then the put the pieces together to make the letter.  Finally, they traced their fingers over the letters.

Sensory Box in action!  They LOVED this center!  Can't wait to make the next one!
We had to move the tub to the table when the boys did this activity. :0  They still did an awesome job!

We did a few different things with this activity.  They did rainbow names.  I know a lot of people give Mrs. Deanna Jump credit for this activity, but I've been doing it since I started teaching many moons ago.  Mine is a little different, but I guess the same concept. :)  First, they tore paper and made their names.
Then they used links and unifex cubes to measure how long their name was.

In the Play Doh center they had the option of making faces, spots on the dog, or candles for the birthday cake.  I found these here.  I just printed them off and laminated.  The kids loved it!

       That's all for now!  I'm finally getting ready to decorate for fall!  Happy Fall Y'all!

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