Thursday, September 27, 2012

Five Senses

Here are some of our activities that we did to go along with our Five Senses theme.

I found this little book at Kindergarten Nana.  It was exactly what I was looking for!  I did change it slightly, but I love it because it is simple and still gets the point across!
The first sense that we learned about was sight.  We also learned about the color of our eyes.  They colored a picture of an eye to match their eye color, and then we graphed our class eye color.  I don't think I have ever had so many blue eyes in one class!  I have this fabulous Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat game that we used to demonstrate sight.  Unfortunately, I did not get a picture!  They are shown several different objects.  We then place them in the hat, and they have to try to remember what object they saw before I pull out.  They loved it!  I'll try to get a picture of it up next week.  I'm also going to let them play with it in the Science Center next week.
We then learned about hearing.  My bells were really small so we were not to put them on ribbon before putting them on the page.  Amazingly enough, you can still hear them jingle!
They loved the hearing game!  There were different objects with sounds inside the egg.  We shook the egg and tried to guess what the sound was.  I had my little cheat sheet, so I knew what the sounds were!  Some of the sounds that we had were: rice, sugar, bells, screws, rocks, shells, and small erasers.
Our smelling sense was a lot of fun!  We learned that we could smell good things and bad things.  We actually had one of our school vacuum cleaners motor burn out, so we were able to smell a really bad smell!  On our smell page, I sprayed some perfume on their flower.  It was quite cute because many of them said that it smelled just like me. :)
Here our are smelling jars.  Some of the smells that we had were: pine needles, cinnamon, garlic, lemon, pepper,  perfume, cocoa powder, and cloves.
I think everyone's favorite sense is taste!  My class loves to eat!
We tasted lemon-sour, unsweetened chocolate- bitter, pretzels-salty, and sugar cookie- sweet.  The favorite was definitely the cookie! I thought I had some pictures of them eating the lemon, but I guessed I was laughing so hard I missed it!  The unsweetened chocolate was pretty funny because they were expecting something sweet and it wasn't! 

I'm so frustrated with my camera!  I can see the pictures but cannot get them to upload.  I'm missing our touch page and our final project of Five Senses.  I'll also try to retake those pictures and put those up later.


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