Thursday, December 1, 2011


     I am going to catch up eventually, I promise!  :)  Here are some more activities that we did before the Thanksgiving break.
Here is Poppy after a week.  Unfortunately, I had to throw Poppy out because he got a little dried out over the break!

Here is Jack.  He is now completely gone!

Here is Bert.  I was so sad because I had planned on planting him  after the break, but he  got  moved out of the sun and rotted!
We read Turkey Trouble.  The story is about a turkey who disguises himself , so he wouldn't get eaten for Thanksgiving dinner!  It such a cute story!
Then we had our Turkey Family Disguise Project.  They had to disguise their turkey however they wanted, so it wouldn't get eaten.  They turned out so cute!
Our feast was actually the day before, but she loved her costume so much she wore it again the next day! Too cute!
We had a little mini feast the day after the real feast and made some edible turkeys!
This one turned out really good!  It looked almost as good as my sample!
I completely forgot to take a picture of the finished project!  We made these turkeys out of  bread, cheese, and apple slices.

I am going to try to put the rest of our Thanksgiving activities up tomorrow.  I can't believe it is already December!  We have started our Christmas activities, but I wanted to finish up Thanksgiving before I put those up.

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