Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Crafts

     Oh my goodness!  My life has been so crazy I have not had any time to do any blogging!  Word of advice, do NOT remodel your home during the holidays!  :0  You have to know my husband...he thrives on driving me crazy! Haha!  The pictures I'm posting are actually from the week after Thanksgiving!  I finally got most of the pictures uploaded, but haven't even begun to crop them!  I'll try to get at least a few up every day until I can catch up!
We did this the last day of November to get ready for our Christmas countdown.  They cut out the pieces and then glued them down.  We gave them a bag of cotton balls to put on Santa's beard each day.  When the beard is full, its Christmas!

These are so simple to make!  You can do more to make the antlers with pipe cleaners or handprints, but I like how they all look different with the sticks.  It is just three popsicle sticks, wiggly eyes and a red pom pom.
This is an oldie but goody that I tweaked.  We usually just make the reindeer food and put it in baggies and send home.  I saw the reindeer on pinterest as a cover for a Hershey bar.  I thought we could do the same thing with a toilet paper tube and then put the reindeer food inside!  I printed off the tags from organized Christmas for free!

These are our parent gifts.  I've done these forever and I just can't change!  The parents just love these, and so do I!
I also let them make their own wrapping paper.  I have some Nativity stamps that I bought from Oriental Trading about 6 years ago.  (I think they still have them)  We make our tags from the die cut machine.

That's all for today!  I'm off to get ready for our staff Christmas party! Ho!Ho! Ho!

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