Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back to School

     I was hoping to get some pictures and plans uploaded today, but my creative side took over and I ended up making things instead.  I made a large ship inspired by Deanna Jump for my job assignment board, a boy and a girl pirate for my Buccaneer of the Week, a counting book 1-5, and several pirate activities for my learning center.  I will take pictures of everything once they are laminated and ready to go!  By the way, my theme this year is Pirates. :)  I have found tons of information on the web and from other bloggers that I plan to share.
     I also came across an excellent book to help learn our class rules.  I'm not sure if it is new or old, but the title is Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen by Howard Binkow.  It is a cute story about a rabbit that never listens and gets into all sorts of trouble.  He ends up in a time out because of all the bad things he has been doing.  During time out he decides that he is going to be a good listener and change his ways.  He ends up being the best listener and receiving an award.  I love how many lessons that can be taught from this story!
     Hopefully, pictures and web sites to be added tomorrow!

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