Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apple Centers

     I love our Apple Centers!  I have been doing this with my classes for years, and it is just one activity that I can't let go of!  Today was a bit of a challenge for me because my voice was totally gone!  I think the class still had a great time, maybe even better since they can't hear me...LOL!!!!  Each child brings in their favorite apple, and then they complete a book to learn all about their apples.  We compile all of our information the following week for our graphing activities.

How Big Around is Your Apple?
First, they guess how big around their apple is with yarn.  Then they tape their estimation string down.
Second, they measure their apple with yarn to see how big their apple actually is.  Then they tape their actual measurement string down.
Third, they mark on their sheet if they guessed too little, too much, or just right.
How Much Does Your Apple Weigh?

First, they guess how may blocks their apples weigh.  Then they count as they put the blocks in to see how much their apple actually weighs.  They also mark on their sheet if they guessed too much, too few, or just right.

After they weigh with blocks. they do different objects they weigh different objects: crayons, small book, toy car, etc.
Which Apple Product Do You Like the Best?

We had an apple feast!  We made applesauce on Wednesday and then ate it during our center today.  We also had apple juice, apple pie, fresh apples, apple muffins and caramel apples.  I think I know the favorite apple product of this student! :)
After eating all the yummy apple goodies, they marked on their sheet what their favorite was.  Next week we will graph to see what the overall class favorite was. 
I think if I did a poll, the tasting center would be the favorite!
 Apple Art
They made apple prints in the art center.  They were able to use red, yellow, and green paint.  Some made patterns and other didn't.  They were very excited to see the star!

     I have lots more apple activities to post from this past week and some other things that we have been working on.  For now, I'm taking some Nyquil and headed to bed!  Hopefully, I'll stay awake to watch Grey's Anatomy and see McDreamy for the last time! :(

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