Saturday, October 20, 2012


     I just love learning about scarecrows!  We had a really short week, so we did not get to finish all the activities that I had planned.  Monday, we will finish up the things that we started and also begin our study about pumpkins.  Fall is so much fun!

During our Morning Meeting time, we did this cute little rhyme about scarecrows.
Five silly scarecrows down on Grandpa's farm.
Guarding all the vegetable to keep them safe from harm.
Along comes a big, black crow-a very hungry one!
One silly scarecrow chased him all the way home!
I bought the scarecrows at the dollar store, and we took turn holding the scarecrows as we acted out the rhyme.  I chased them with a big black crow that I bought at Michael's.  Sorry, the crow did not make it into the picture!
We had a cooking center this week.  We made Scarecrow cookies from this site that I found here.  

The cookies were so yummy, and the class declared it was the most fun ever! :)
This was a center activity this week that the class absolutely loved!  I think I'm going to keep it in for another week!  I filled a tub with corn and black beans.  They used clothespins to pick out the black beans.  They had a plate they put the beans on, and then they counted to see how many crows they scared away!
Working on our Scarecrow Glyph!

The finished product.  The glyph- Girls had a flower on their hat and the boys did not.  Depending on how old they were, was how many patches were put on.  Their nose depended on what type of vegetable they liked best.

     We also learned about living and nonliving things.  I completely forgot to take pictures of the activity!  Hopefully, I will remember on Monday!  Have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful Fall weather!

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