Friday, September 13, 2013

More Fun the Second Week of School!

     This week just flew by!  I'm so happy with my class and how they are adjusting to the routines, learning the rules, and are ready to learn!  My camera died a couple of weeks ago, and then my phone was stolen last weekend!  I was unable to take many pictures because my replacement phone did not come in until Wednesday.  I don't have many pictures to share and honestly, these are not that great, but will do for now. :)
     My goal this year is to post more of my original materials and lesson plans.  I'm working on a couple of units for Math, Literacy, Bible, and Science that I hope to post really soon!  I'm a little challenged with technology, but I have a friend that is going to help me with my challenges.  Yah!  I'm also really trying to do better with blogging this year!  So, with that being said here is a snapshot of our second week of school.
Our Wheels on the Bus Name activity.  We sang the song and then substituted for the first letter of our names.  They rounded off the squares to make circles for the wheels.  

I don't think I posted this earlier, but this is our door from Open House.  I just love how these turned out!  They loved the blue yarn for the hair!

This is from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten Back to School packet.  I love this because it helps them practice only using one dot of glue.  The kids loved being in glitter world! :)  We were also working on our Creation book page where they had to put glitter on their stars.  Let's just say our room was very sparkly! :0

Fine Motor Center- Different Play Doh mats for birthday, faces, and pets.

I wish I had a better picture!  This was our Math Center.  They had to sort a bag of warm fuzzes, and graph how many of each color they had.  Then they used bingo dot markers to mark their findings.

Word Work-  They used Bingo Dot markers to spell their name.  Next week we will measure with links and cubes to see how long their names are.

Relaxing doing our Weekly Reader (I actually don't think it is called that anymore, but it will always be Weekly Reader to me!)

I took this idea from Deanna Jump and changed it a little bit.  We read the poem Rainbow Hair and then made our own Rainbow Heads.

I did not get a good completed project, but these turned out so cute!

     Next week we will be working on All About Me and our Five Senses.  We will be having special centers on Thursday.  I can't wait!  Have a great weekend!

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