Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fun! Fun! And More Fun!

     We had so much fun this week!  We've been working on All About Me and Five Senses this week. I wish I could have three or four more hands, so I can snap more pictures!  I also sometimes wish I could be cloned, so I can get everything accomplished!  Here are a few things that we did this week:
We made our heads for our Hokey Pokes books.  They had to tell me what color hair they had, and then they glued on their hair.  We then graphed whether we had short or long hair.  This idea is from here.  

We took our shoes off and sorted our shoes.  We sorted according to dress shoe, tennis shoe (laces or velcro), sandals, and loafers. :)

Then we graphed our shoes.  We completed a graph on paper after that.  I'm hoping to get it uploaded, but I'm having problems with Google docs!

Zero the Hero visited for the 10th day of school!  He read Ten Black Dots and counted to 10 with us!

Counting to ten Zero style!

Our special Zero snack.

We had Five Senses Centers today, so much fun!

Smelling Centers- We had six different smelling jars.  My super smart assistant painted baby food jars, so they could not see what was inside them!  We had picture clues for them to try to guess what each smell was.  Then they glued to match the picture.  Once again, I cannot get my docs to upload! GRRRRR

Sight Center-  One of my smartie pants :)  realized that not only was this a sight center, it was a touching center , as well!  They fingerpainted to mix colors together.

Hearing Center-  This was just like the Smell Center, except we had ten jars for them to guess what sounds they heard.

Tasting Center

We tasted baking chocolate (bitter), pretzels, (salty), sugar cookies (sweet), and lemons (sour).  They were so funny about the chocolate!  One of my boys said that was sneaky chocolate!  It's suppose to taste good, but it was horrible! Lol!

These Five Senses Hats are just too stinkin cute!  I stumbled across them, and we just had to make them!  This comes from Dr. Jean, and you can find it here.

Touch Center-  They had a Touch match board to complete.  They we glued objects down to demonstrate smooth, soft, bumpy, and rough.

Working in the hearing center

The smelling center

Tasting Center

I love when they taste the lemon! :)

Sight Center

This picture just makes me smile! :)

     We had a great week, and I'm looking forward to finishing up our All About Me and moving on to Families!  Have a great weekend!

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