Saturday, March 2, 2013

5..4...3...2...1 BLAST OFF!

During our Space theme my camera was still not working, so I have very few pictures.  These are pictures that I took with my phone, so they are not all that great.  This was the book we did to go along with our theme from Musings of Me.  Some of the pictures are not complete because we had not painted some of the details yet.

We learned about the moon.  We read a fiction and nonfiction book about the moon.  In centers we played with moon sand.  You can buy it or make the recipe from here.  We also painted a moon and wrote a sentence about the moon.

On our star day we read a book about the Big Dipper and discussed how stars can make a picture in the sky.  We were going to make constellations with stickers, but ran out of time!  We also learned about the sun and discussed that the sun is actually a star.  

They loved learning about the planets!  I told them when I was their age Pluto was a planet, but now it's not.  They thought that was so funny, and they thought I was really old! LOL!  We also made coffee filter Earth's and wrote sentences about what we learned about our planet Earth.

Rockets and spaceships were a favorite!

This page also went along with our moon day.

We discussed satellites.  I really did not get into spaceships or aliens, but told them that was just for fun.

I have a little mini unit that I like to do with the book Aliens & Underpants, but we were running out of time, so I did not do that this year.

We had a fun time learning about astronauts!  We ate the same ice cream that astronauts ate and then graphed whether we liked the taste of it or not.  Most of the class did not like the astronaut ice cream. :(

I love our Space theme, and I'm so disappointed that I don't have many pictures of our activities....there's always next year! :)

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