Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mystery Reader

     We had a wonderful Mystery Reader, Grandma T, who came to read to our class last week.  She is a former preschool teacher, and you could just feel her love for children. :)  We were finishing up our bear theme and beginning our dental health theme, so she read two stories!  I apologize for the pictures being so bad, these were not taken with my camera.
Grandma T was the sweet one's grandma.  She introduced her stories first by her little friend (I can't remember the little puppy's name!) and asked the class if there was something they thought they could learn today.

The first book she read was The Tiger that went to the Dentist.  It is the cutest book!  The class loved it!

She had a cute little poem that she read to the class.

I was not quick enough to get them acting out the poem! :)

Some of the props that went along with the poem.

She read another book The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear.  (I love that story!)  It was really cute how she introduced the story.  She had a little mouse and had the class look for it.  It ended up in a little pocket on her back.  Sooooo cute!

     I love have special guest in the classroom!  It's always especially nice when you have a former preschool teacher and goes over and beyond!  My kiddos talked about having her all week!  Good stuff!

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