Monday, February 25, 2013

Teddy Bear Parade and Picnic

     Oh my goodness!  I am falling so far behind!  My camera has been having major issues, and I just finally was able to get it repaired.  Hopefully, I will be able to get caught up this week.  These photos are from a month ago!  We had such a fun time!
     These are pictures from our Teddy Bear Parade.  They get to wear their pj's to school, bring their teddy bears (or other special animal) in a float that they made with their families, and then we have a little parade for the other classes and parents.

After the parade, we have our Teddy Bear picnic.

We have Teddy Grahams, strawberries, Goldfish, Honeycombs, and Berry juice.

Then we do some special activities with our bears.

We measure with linking cubes to see how tall they are.

We see how much they weigh.

Love this!  This was one HUGE bear! :)  We compared sized of our bears to our friends.  It was very easy to figure out which one was the biggest! :)

We had a fun Gummy Bear sorting and graphing activity.

Gummy Bear Science- This activity was from Teach Preschool.  I will have to say it was a really cool  experiment!

After a couple of days, it expands.  Either I forgot to take a picture out of the water or it didn't take, but it was twice the size after leaving it in water for a few days!

We made predictions of what would happen to the Gummy Bears after they were put in the water.  I forgot to snap a picture of our writing after it happened.  I love that many of them thought it would sink or float.  They really loved our sink or float experiments!

     Whew!  This was a long post!  At least it wasn't in June! :)  Have a great night!

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