Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cooking in the Classroom

     I just love learning about Gingerbread! (I don't know why :0)  We had so much fun!  Not only did we make Gingerbread Houses, we made our very own Gingerbread Boys and Girls!  We have a wonderful  teacher (Mrs. C), who no longer has a class of her own, but comes in twice a week and works with our 4 and 5 year old classes.  She loves to cook, so I have been having her come in and bake with us!  The kiddos love when Mrs. C comes to visit us! :)

She explained our activity and sanitized everyone's hands.

She went through each ingredient and showed them the different measuring tools that we would be using.  She also told them each person would get to do one thing, but everyone would be able to roll out their dough, cut out their cookie and decorate it.

Mrs. C did the mixing. :)

Taking turns putting in the ingredients.

Mixing all of the ingredients together.  My pictures did not turn out of rolling and cutting the dough. :(

The final product!  Yummy, Yummy!  We were surprised that they didn't run away!
    I will try to remember to get her wonderful recipe and post!  These were the best Gingerbread cookies I have ever tasted!

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