Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm Back

     I am bad, so B-A-D!  My little blog has been neglected since the end of January!  I have a gazillion pictures and project to post, but just haven't had the time.  I've also had a lot of personal, family things going on that demanded my attention more.  I will try to do some things from this past year and will begin to blog this upcoming year starting today!  Here are a few shot from February.  I'm missing the Valentine's Day party, so maybe tomorrow.  I'm changing my theme this year and can't wait to show it off!  Thanks for bearing with me!
 I love reading Guess How Much I love You during the Valentine season.  We made these cards for our parents.  This was actually my sample.
 We had the Tooth Fairy visit to share with us about how to take care of our teeth during Dental Health month.
 She was fabulous!  She does magic tricks as she's sharing how to take care of our teeth.  The kids love it!
These turned out so cute!  We made our own Tooth Fairies!  They were all different, but they were all so cute!
                                                         Here is the girl's Valentine box.
Here is the boy's Valentine box.

That's all for tonight!  My goal is to have all the pictures up tomorrow of our Five Senses Party that was also in February!

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